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  • Zhuolu
  • Joint
  • China mainland
  • Zhejiang province
  • Wenzhou city
  • Pu-4 (pack of 10),Pu-6 (pack of 10),Pu-8 (pack of 10),Pu-10 (pack of 10),Pu-12 (pack of 10),Pu-14 (pack of 10),Pu-16 (pack of 10),Pe-4 (pack of 10),Pe-6 (pack of 10),Pe-8 (pack of 10),Pe-10 (pack of 10),Pe-12 (pack of 10),Pe-14 (pack of 10),Pe-16 (pack of 10),Py-4 (pack of 10),Py-6 (pack of 10),Py-8 (pack of 10),Py-10 (pack of 10),Py-12 (pack of 10),Py-14 (pack of 10),Py-16 (pack of 10),Pg6-4 (10 packs),Pg8-4 (10 packs),Pg8-6 (10 packs),Pg10-6 (10 packs),Pg10-8 (10 packs),Pg12-8 (10 packs),Pg12-10 (pack of 10),Pg16-12 (pack of 10),Pu-4 (1 pack)