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  • Superyoung
  • Nylon cloth
  • Zipper
  • Solid color
  • Street fashion
  • Dumpling shape
  • Brand new
  • Sewing thread
  • Black [collection to send a small gift],White [collection to send a small gift],Black [send frog pendant],White [send frog pendant],Black [send dinosaur pendant],White [send dinosaur pendant],Black [send refueling duck pendant],White [send refueling duck pendant],Black [send cowboy pendant],White [send cowboy pendant],Black [send squirrel pendant],White [send squirrel pendant],Black [send stitch pendant],White [send stitch pendant],Black [send taiyaki pendant],Black [send seagull pendant],Black [send pink panther pendant],Black [send gray frog pendant],Black [send golden lion pendant],Black [send tide shoes pendant + lh5 badge],White [send tide shoes pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send astronaut pendant + lh5 badge],White [send astronaut pendant + lh5 badge],Black [collection to send lh5 emblem],White [collection to send lh5 badge],Black [send frog pendant + lh5 badge],White [send frog pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send dinosaur pendant + lh5 badge],White [send dinosaur pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send refueling duck pendant + lh5 badge],White [send refueling duck pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send orangutan pendant + lh5 badge],White [send orangutan pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send cowboy pendant + lh5 badge],White [send cowboy pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send seagull pendant + lh5 badge],White [send seagull pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send pink panther pendant + lh5 badge],White [send pink panther pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send big tyrannosaurus pendant + lh5 badge],White [send big tyrannosaurus pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send squirrel pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send taiyaki pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send stitch pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send gray frog pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send golden lion king + lh5 badge],Black [send flying astronaut + lh5 badge],Black [send big tooth dragon pendant + lh5 badge],Black [send frog pendant + gd5 badge],White [send frog pendant + gd5 badge],Black [send dinosaur pendant + gd5 badge],White [send dinosaur pendant + gd5 badge],Black [send orangutan pendant + gd5 badge],White [send refueling duck pendant + gd5 badge],Optional collocation [random send without message]
  • Hidden zipper pocket,Cell phone bag,Id,Coin bag
  • Have
  • No
  • Mjh2811
  • Leisure
  • Polyester
  • Single
  • Youth
  • Soft handle
  • Inside patch pocket
  • Soft
  • Chest bag
  • Middle
  • 12 inches
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