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  • Royal family
  • M code [recommended weight within 105 catties],L code [recommended weight 105-125 catties],Xl code [recommended weight 125-145 catties],Xxl code [recommended weight 145-165 catties],Xxxl code [recommended weight 165 pounds or more],Free shipping insurance, worry-free shopping for 15 days without reason,Collection plus purchase priority delivery to send small gifts,Baby-grade fabric, sweat-absorbing, breathable and non-fluorescent
  • Pure cotton
  • Cartoon
  • Simple
  • Small lapel
  • China mainland
  • Guangdong province
  • Guangzhou city
  • Face-to-face
  • Ds2027 double bear v blue + ds2027 double bear v collar powder,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + ds2031 orange v-neck,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + ds2029 bear v-neck,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + ds2030 orange cardigan,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + beige soft cute tiger,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + ds blue wavelet dot,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + bean paste powder peach,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + ds2028 small strawberry,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + thin blue houndstooth,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + thin pink houndstooth,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + ds2026 apricot bear,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + gray soft cute tiger,C0038v neck blue-qw lace white strawberry,Ds2027 double bear v-neck blue + qw lace pink strawberry,C0038v neck blue-qw lace white dot,50004 bear blue + 50002 bear apricot,50004 bear blue + 50004 bear fruit green,50004 bear blue + 50001 swan pink,50004 bear blue + 50001 swan blue,50004 bear blue + 50008 pink houndstooth,50004 bear blue + 50008 blue houndstooth,50004 bear blue + 50009 pink houndstooth,50004 bear yellow + 50004 bear blue,Free with two sets of prices
  • Rubber band
  • All stages
  • 50008
  • Spring autumn winter
  • Long sleeves
  • Conventional
  • Underwear kit
  • Trousers
  • Cotton
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