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  • Benevolence
  • Blended
  • Solid color
  • Chinese style
  • Rectangle
  • China mainland
  • 1m wide x 10m long,1m wide x 20m long,1m wide x 50m long,1m wide x 100m long,1.2m wide x 10m long,1.2m wide x 20m long,1.2m wide x 50m long,1.2m wide x 100m long,1.5m wide x 10m long,1.5m wide x 20m long,1.5m wide x 50m long,1.5m wide x 100m long,2m wide x 10m long,2m wide x 20m long,2m wide x 50m long,2m wide x 100m long,3m wide x 10m long,3m wide x 20m long,3m wide x 50m long,3m wide x 100m long,4m wide x 10m long,4m wide x 20m long,4m wide x 50m long,4m wide x 100m long
  • Living room,Bedroom,Study,Hall,Stairs,Balcony,Other/other,Wardrobe/cloakroom
  • 1mm simple red,1.5mm festive red,2mm soft new china red,2mm red wear-resistant hard,2mm red encryption wear-resistant hard,Red 囍 character carpet (we're getting married),Red 囍 character carpet (step by step with joy),2.3mm red double-sided plastic injection,2.5mm red stripe,3.5mm red exhibition style,Red f brushed (long-term use entry model),5.5mm red encrypted thick brushed,7mm thickened encrypted red fleece blanket,8mm thick extra thick red fleece blanket,2mm bright red encryption wear-resistant,2mm gray wear,2mm encrypted wear-resistant gray,3.5mm grey exhibition style,Gray f brushed (long-term use entry model),5.5mm grey crypto brushed,2mm royal blue encryption wear-resistant,2mm grass green encrypted wear,5.5mm royal blue brushed,5.5mm grass green brushed
  • Machine weaving
  • Finished product
  • Wedding