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  • China mainland
  • Large-angle outer wire 24mm (commonly used in washbasin faucets) large-angle inner wire 22mm (commonly used in washbasin faucets) inner wire 18mm (1 pack) inner wire 18mm (3 packs) inner wire 20mm (1 pack) wire 20mm (pack of 3), wire 22mm (pack 1), wire 22mm (pack 3), wire 24mm (pack 1), wire 24mm (pack 3), wire 4 points (pack 1) 4 points (3 packs) outer wire 20mm (1 pack) outer wire 20mm (3 packs) outer wire 22mm (1 pack) outer wire 22mm (3 packs) outer wire 24mm (1 pack) outer wire 24mm (pack of 3) outer wire 28mm (pack of 1) outer wire 28mm (pack of 3) foaming core (for m22 inner wire/m24 outer wire) inner wire 22mm (universal adjustable angle) outer wire 24mm (universal adjustable angle) outer wire 24/inner wire 22mm universal: long section can be turned to dual-mode water outlet