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  • Heastrew/histor
  • 101 storage box
  • Dust belt covers can be stacked
  • Plastic
  • Japanese-style
  • Rectangle
  • China mainland
  • Zhejiang province
  • Taizhou
  • Solid color
  • Universal
  • Small white blue red green random no cover 20.5*14*7cm medium white - no cover medium pink - no cover medium high white - no cover medium high pink - no cover large white - no cover large pink - uncovered plus size white - uncovered plus size pink - uncovered king size high white - uncovered king size high pink - uncovered medium white - covered medium pink - covered medium high white-medium high with cover pink-large with cover white-large with cover pink-large with cover white-extra large with cover pink-extra large high with cover white-extra large high with cover pink - with cover 25177 medium without cover random 24*25.8*6.3cm medium dimension c orange - without cover medium navy blue - without cover medium turquoise green - without cover medium turquoise - without cover medium high dimension c orange - uncapped medium tall navy blue - uncapped medium tall turquoise green - uncapped medium tall turquoise - uncapped large victoria c orange - uncapped large navy blue - uncapped large turquoise green-uncapped large turquoise yellow-uncapped plus-size vitamin c orange-uncapped plus-size navy blue-uncapped plus-size turquoise green-uncapped plus-size turquoise-uncapped extra-large vitamin c orange- uncovered extra large navy blue - uncovered extra large turquoise green - uncovered extra large turquoise - uncovered extra large heightened white - uncovered extra large heightened victoria c orange - uncovered extra large heightened navy blue -uncovered extra large heightened turquoise green-uncovered extra large heightened turquoise-uncovered medium victoria c orange-with cover medium navy blue-with cover medium turquoise-with cover medium turquoise- medium and high victoria c orange with cover-medium high with cover navy blue-medium high with cover turquoise green-medium high with cover turquoise yellow-large vitamin c orange with cover-large navy with cover blue-large turquoise green with cover-large turquoise with cover-large size victoria c orange with cover-large navy blue with cover-large turquoise green with cover-large turquoise with cover-belt gate extra large high victoria c orange-with gate extra large tall navy blue-with gate extra large turquoise green-with gate extra large tall turquoise-with gate extra large white-with gate plus high dimension c orange-with cover extra large heightened navy blue-with cover extra large heightened turquoise green-with cover extra large heightened turquoise yellow-with cover
  • Single layer
  • Sundries
  • Public