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  • Dolomimi 123
  • Dlm-tmxhs
  • 3 months 6 months 12 months freshmen 9 months
  • Cotton
  • Leisure
  • China mainland
  • Hubei province
  • Wuhan
  • Unisex
  • Single-breasted
  • 20 and more
  • Baby le four seasons-yellow 24-piece baby le four seasons-yellow 22-piece baby le four seasons-yellow 20-piece panda summer-yellow 24-piece panda summer-yellow 22-piece panda summer-yellow 20 pieces set of mickey warm models-yellow 24 sets of mickey warm models-yellow 22 sets of mickey warm models-yellow 20 sets of mickey models of four seasons-blue 24 sets of mickey models of four seasons-blue 22 sets of mickey models four seasons-blue 20-piece mickey warm model-blue 24-piece mickey warm model-blue 22-piece mickey warm model-blue 20-piece panda summer-blue 24-piece panda summer-blue color 22-piece panda summer-blue 20-piece mickey four seasons-pink 24-piece mickey four seasons-pink 22-piece mickey four seasons-pink 20-piece mickey warm-pink 24-piece mickey warm model-pink 22-piece mickey warm model-pink 20-piece panda summer-pink 24-piece panda summer-pink 22-piece panda summer-pink 20-piece shell model four seasons-pink 26-piece shell model four seasons -pink 24-piece shell style four seasons-pink 22-piece set
  • Clothing + accessories
  • Dlm-tmxhs
  • 59cm (0-3 months a-type jacquard cotton) 66cm (3-6 months a-type jacquard cotton) 73cm (6-12 months a-type jacquard cotton)
  • Spring 2021
  • Class a
  • 100% of cotton