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  • Mud color home
  • Ceramics
  • Nordic style
  • Ground
  • Note blue [caliber 17 high 15],Dandelion yellow [mouth 17 high 15],Blossoming pink flowers [mouth 14 high 13],Emerald yellow [mouth 14 high 13],Green note [mouth 17 high 15],Both ears white [mouth 13 high 14.5],Pink simple [port 17 high 15],Auspicious knot white [mouth 17 high 15],Inverted three-legged big [mouth 16 high 17],Inverted triangle [mouth 14 high 14],Leaf white [mouth 14 high 13],Ribbon [mouth 17 high 15],A bunch of green leaves [mouth 18 high 18],A bunch of leaves in green [mouth 14 high 13],Four-leaf flower green [mouth 20 high 18],Bubble gray [mouth 17 width 19 height 16],Emerald flowers with feet [mouth 20 high 19.5],Football blue [caliber 20 high 18],Poppies light green [caliber 17 high 15],Cactus flower pot [port 14 high 13],White hole [diameter 12.5 height 13cm],Tibetan decorative gray [mouth 17 high 17],A bunch of leaves white [mouth 20 high 18],Silver plating [mouth 13.5 width 19 height 15.5]
  • Medium
  • Flowers/green plants
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