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  • Heaven
  • Alloy model f3265m
  • 2 years old,12 years old,14 years old,4 years,14+,3 years,6 years old,5 years old,8 year-old,7-year old,Age 11,9 years old,10 years old,13 years old
  • Alloy
  • China mainland
  • Unisex
  • 1:32
  • Plastic toys
  • Pale pinkish gray,White,Grey,Silver,Black,(plastic) inertia forward 120 ambulance,(plastic) inertia 110 police car,(plastic model) inertia forward 110 police car,(plastic) inertia forward 119 fire truck,(plastic model) inertia forward 001 swat car,(plastic) large storytelling ambulance,(alloy model) oversized sound and light ambulance,(plastic) inertia forward black big g,(plastic) inertia forward purple bus,(plastic) inertia macaron ice cream truck,(plastic) inertia forward dessert cart,(plastic) inertia pink van,(plastic model) inertia forward red rescue vehicle,(plastic model) inertia forward blue loading truck,(plastic) inertia tank,(plastic) inertia orange school bus,(alloy sound and light model) ambulance to send battery,(alloy sound and light model) police car with battery,(plastic model) 120 ambulance + 110 police car,(plastic model) 119 fire truck + 001 special police vehicle,(plastic) ambulance + police + fire + swat
  • Fire / police / ambulance
  • Domestic
  • Finished product
  • Universal
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