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  • Ella strontium
  • Decorative strips
  • Titanium alloy
  • Chinese mainland
  • Guangdong province
  • Guangzhou city
  • Remark the color when placing an order or contact customer service u-shaped belt base 6*11mm (3 meters one) u-shaped belt base 9*11mm (3 meters one) u-shaped belt base 9*15mm (3 meters one) u-shaped belt base 8*20mm (3 meters one) u-shaped belt base 12*20mm (3 meters one) u-shaped belt base 12*35mm (3 meters one) u-shaped 5*5mm (2.5 meters one) u-shaped 10* 10mm (2.5 meters one) u-type 10*17mm (2.5 meters one) u-type 10*20mm (2.5 meters one) u-type 10*30mm (2.5 meters one) u-type 10*50mm (3 meters one ) t-type 6mm wide (2.7 meters one) t-type 8mm wide (2.7 meters one) t-type 10mm wide (2.7 meters one) t-type 12mm wide (2.7 meters one) t-type 20mm wide (2.7 meters one ) t-type 33mm wide (2.7 meters one) l-type 10*10mm (2.7 meters one) l-type 15*15mm (2.7 meters one) l-type 20*20mm (2.7 meters one) l-type 30*30mm ( 2.7 meters one) customized samples
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