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  • Orange rice
  • Jm-series
  • Chinese mainland
  • Guangdong province
  • Guangzhou city
  • Pure manual/13cm short cup/10-year classic,Pure manual / 18cm high cup / ten years classic,Pure manual/18cm high cup model/upgraded enhanced model,Pure manual [vertical / luxury version] black,Semi-automatic [vertical / affordable] black,Semi-automatic [horizontal / affordable] imitation gold,Semi-automatic [dual-screen digital display version] sealing cup counting,Semi-automatic [horizontal/luxury version] black,Semi-automatic [horizontal/luxury version] rose gold,Semi-automatic [vertical/luxury version] black,Semi-automatic [vertical/luxury version] rose gold,Semi-automatic [horizontal/luxury version] dark green,Semi-automatic [horizontal/luxury version] with counter,Automatic machine [horizontal/sealing cup counting] with trapping,Fully automatic [practical models] 95/90 universal,Fully automatic [enhanced / black] 95/90 universal,Fully automatic [enhanced / white] 95/90 universal,Fully automatic [high configuration engineering model/luxury version] 95/90 universal,Fully automatic [practical model/90 caliber special machine]
  • 220v
  • None
  • 300w
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