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  • Baijia xinshang
  • Spring mattress 02
  • 900mm*1900mm,900mm*2000mm,1000mm*1900mm,1000mm*2000mm,1200mm*1900mm,1200mm*2000mm,1350mm*1900mm,1350mm*2000mm,1500mm*1900mm,1500mm*2000mm,1800mm*1900mm,1800mm*2000mm
  • 20mm
  • Special offer: encrypted stainless steel spring,Special offer: encrypted steel + latex,Special offer: encrypted steel + 3e coconut palm,Special cashmere: encrypted stainless steel spring,Special cashmere: encrypted steel + latex,Special cashmere: encrypted stainless steel + 3e coconut brown,Upgrading cashmere: upgrading independent springs,Upgrading cashmere: upgrading indie + latex,Upgrade cashmere: upgrade independent + 3e coconut palm,Upgrade cashmere: upgrade independent + latex + 3e brown,Anti-mite 3d: carbon steel independent spring,Anti-mite 3d: carbon steel independent + latex,Anti-mite 3d: carbon steel independent + 3e brown,Anti-mite 3d: carbon steel independent + latex + coconut palm,Luxury tencel: carbon steel independent,Luxury tencel: carbon steel independent + pressure relief latex,Luxury tencel: carbon steel independent + ridge protection coir,Luxury tencel: carbon steel independent + latex + coconut brown,Prestige tencel: silent pocket spring,Prestige tencel: mute cloth bag + pressure-releasing latex,Prestige tencel: silent cloth bag + spine protection coconut palm,Prestige tencel: mute cloth bag + latex + coconut palm
  • Functional fabric
  • 30
  • Yes
  • 3d or 3e coir
  • Functional sponge
  • Elder,Aldult,Child
  • Separate bag
  • Other,Beijing,Nanchang,Harbin city,Dalian,Shenyang city,Xi'an,Guiyang city,Zhengzhou city,Jinhua city,Changsha city,Changzhou city,Chengdu,Dongguan city,Foshan city,Fuzhou,Guangzhou city,Hangzhou,Nanjing,Nanning city,Ningbo,Qingdao,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Suzhou city,Taizhou,Tianjin,Wenzhou city,Wuxi,Wuhan,Xiamen city,Chongqing
  • Beijing
  • Beijing
  • No
  • Economical
  • 1800x2000mm
  • Both soft and hard
  • 200mm
  • 20mm
  • Emulsion,Spring,Brown,Sponge,Memory foam
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
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