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  • Milky,Creamy-white,White,White,Silver,Light grey,Grey,Dark gray,Black,Orange red,Rose red,Pale pinkish gray,Watermelon red,Red,Claret,Pink,Khaki,Turmeric,Bright yellow,1a diameter 33.5cm about 4.7cm high,1b diameter 33.5cm about 3.5cm high,No. 2 a diameter is 33.5cm and height is about 4.4cm,No. 2 b diameter 37.5cm about 3.5cm high,3a diameter 37.5cm about 3.8cm high,3b diameter 33.5cm height about 4.4cm,No. 4 diameter 37.5cm height about 4.6cm,5a diameter 36.5cm about 4.5cm high,5b diameter 33.5cm height about 4.7cm,6a diameter 37.5cm about 4cm high,6b diameter 32.5cm about 4.8cm high,No. 7 diameter is 34cm and height is about 4.2cm,No. 8 diameter 37.5cm about 4cm high,No. 9 diameter is 32.5cm and height is about 4.5cm,No. 10 diameter 37.5cm height about 4.5cm,No. 11 diameter 36.5 height about 4.3cm,No. 12 diameter 32.5 height about 4.5cm,No. 13 diameter 37.5 height about 3.3cm,No. 14 diameter 36.7 height about 10.7cm,No. 15 ash diameter 32.5 height about 3.5cm,No. 16 diameter 32.5 height about 2.7cm,Other styles send pictures to customer service consultation 1