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  • Honglida
  • Rush
  • Stripe
  • Japan and south korea
  • Rectangle
  • China mainland
  • Tianjin
  • Tianjin
  • Customized width 80cmx length 180cm width 60cmx length 180cm width 100cmx length 180cm width 120cmx length 180cm width 140cmx length 180cm width 90cmx length 200cm width 100cmx length 200cm width 120cmx length 200cm width 150cmx length 200cm width 180cmx length 200cm width 200cmx length 200cm width 200cmx length 200cm width 200cmx length 240cm width 200cm* length 280cm width 200cmx length 300cm
  • Living room bedroom study hall staircase balcony other/other wardrobe/cloakroom
  • Lx-16 (thickening encryption) lx-20 (thickening encryption) lx-19 (thickening encryption) lx-05 (thickening encryption) lx-21 (thickening encryption) lx-11 (thickening encryption) lx- 06 (thickening encryption) lx-07 (thickening encryption) lx-18 (thickening encryption) lx-04 (thickening encryption) lx-09 (thickening encryption) lx-10 (thickening encryption) lx-17 ( thicken encryption) lx-03 (thicken encryption) lx-08 (thicken encryption) lx-01 (thicken encryption) lx-02 (thicken encryption)
  • Machine weaving
  • Finished product
  • Hand washable machine washable vacuum dry cleaning other/other
  • Hld-zblx
  • Summer 2020
  • Home
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