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  • Dongcheng
  • Mjz1201
  • China mainland
  • Direct current
  • [single-level drill] [color box] 1201 comes standard with [single-level drill] [color box] 1201 screws [single-level drill] [color box] 1201 upgrade package 16v [single-level drill] [plastic box] standard 16v[single-level drill][plastic box] screw 16v[single-level drill][plastic box] upgrade package 16v[dual-level drill][plastic box] standard 16v[dual-level drill][plastic box] box] screw 16v [double level drill] [plastic box] upgrade package 16v [double level drill] deluxe 16v [single electric impact] [plastic box] standard 16v [single electric impact] [plastic box] screw 16v[single electric shock][plastic case]upgrade package 16v[double electric shock][plastic case]standard 16v[double electric shock][plastic case] screw 16v[double electric shock][plastic case]upgrade package 16v[ double electric shock] luxury model [single level drill] [plastic case] 1201 standard [single level drill] [plastic case] 1201 screwing [single level drill] [plastic case] 1201 upgrade package [single level drill] ]1201 deluxe [dual level drill] [plastic box] 1201 standard [dual level drill] [plastic box] 1201 screws [dual level drill] [plastic box] 1201 upgrade package [dual level drill] 1201 luxury model [single electric shock] [plastic case] 1201 standard [single electric shock] [plastic case] 1201 screw [single electric shock] [plastic case] 1201 upgrade [double electric shock] [plastic case] 1201 standard [ double electric shock] [plastic box] 1201 screw [double electric shock] [plastic box] 1201 upgrade 1201 single electric professional model 1201 double electric professional model 1201 single electric upgrade model 1201 double electric upgrade model
  • Hand drill
  • 12v
  • Unpolated speed
  • Quick chuck
  • 10mm
  • Mjz1201
  • Handheld
  • Have