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  • Everlasting
  • 620
  • 2 years old 3 year old 6 years old and 5 years old 7 years old
  • Chinese mainland
  • Unisex
  • Plastic toys
  • [m416][m416+silencer][submachine gun]m4 carbine[submachine gun+silencer][mp5+silencer]large[m4 carbine]large[snowflake+shock m4 carbine]large[m4 carbine+projection]73cm barre special [with bracket] large 78cm carbine [with bracket] 32cm telescopic vibration rifle 34cm technology vibration rifle-green 34cm technology vibration rifle-gold 35cm soldier telescopic rifle 37cm ​​camouflage vibration rifle 38cm telescopic rifle + projection 38cm telescopic rifle + soft bullet projection [ gift box] 39cm camouflage soldier assault gun projection vibration gun + infrared [gift box] submachine gun + 38cm projection camouflage gun (super value) double gun battle version (large carbine + 38cm telescopic vibration rifle - projection version) double gun battle version ( camouflage soldier assault gun + 38cm telescopic gun (projection version)) dual gun battle version (38cm telescopic rifle + projection *2) dual gun battle version (37cm camouflage vibration gun + 38cm telescopic gun (projection version)) dual gun battle version (super shock green + 38cm telescopic vibration rifle-projection version) double gun battle version (projection vibration gun + 38cm telescopic gun (projection version))
  • Battery version (send 3 aaa batteries) rechargeable version (send charger + 3 rechargeable batteries) rechargeable version (send charger + 6 rechargeable batteries)
  • Below 10 yuan
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