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  • Jinning
  • Other / other
  • Other / other
  • Other / other
  • Rectangle
  • China mainland
  • Jiangsu province
  • Nanjing
  • 1m wide*10m long,1m wide*20m long,1m wide*50m long,1m wide*100m long,1.2m wide*10m long,1.2m wide*20m long,1.2m wide*50m long,1.2m wide*100m long,1.5 meters wide * 10 meters long,1.5 meters wide * 20 meters long,1.5 meters wide * 50 meters long,1.5 meters wide * 100 meters long,2 meters wide * 10 meters long,2 meters wide * 20 meters long,2 meters wide * 50 meters long,2 meters wide * 100 meters long,3 meters wide * 10 meters long,3 meters wide * 20 meters long,3 meters wide * 50 meters long,3 meters wide * 100 meters long,4 meters wide * 10 meters long,4 meters wide * 20 meters long,4 meters wide * 50 meters long,40 cm wide * 60 cm long
  • Other / other
  • Red 1mm thin section,Red 2mm soft model [1 day for wedding],Red 2mm hard model [short-term use for weddings],Red 2mm wear-resistant [for store opening],Red 2mm gold wire [for wedding celebration],Red 2.5mm [used for 1-2 months],Red double-sided glue injection is more wear-resistant and can pave gravel roads,Red 3.5mm high traffic [for exhibition],Big red brushed style [long-term use],Red 5.5mm brushed [long-term use on stage],Red 5.5 gold wire brushed [for high-end wedding],Red 1.5 mm [use half a day],Red coated double layer [rainproof and dustproof],Red thick brushed [long-term repeated use],Red luxury brushed [used for more than 2 years],Red supreme brushed [treasure of town shop],Gray 2mm hard model [one-time use],Gray 2mm wear-resistant can be decorated and protected,Gray 3.5mm [for short-term exhibitions],Gray brushed [can be used for a long time],Gray 5.5mm [long-term repeated use],Gray 7mm thickening [used for more than 2 years],Gray pvc rubber sole [used for more than 2 years],Red pvc rubber sole [used for more than 2 years]
  • Non-woven
  • Custom carpet (yuan/flat)
  • Celebration

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