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  • Like strands
  • [custom 4 pieces] don't ruin your underwear to save 1 yuan! [elastic three-row] skin color*4 [elastic three-row] black*4 [elastic three-row] black*4 pieces [elastic three-row] skin *4 pieces [elastic three rows] white*4[elastic three rows] apricot*4[elastic three rows] red*4[elastic three rows] skin*2 pieces + black*2 pieces [elastic three rows] black*2 +[regular three-row] skin*2[elastic three-row] black*2+[regular three-row] black*2[elastic three-row] skin*2+[regular three-row] skin*2[elastic three-row] skin* 2+[regular three-row]black*2[elastic four-row]black*4 pieces[elastic four-row]skin*4pcs[elastic four-row]red*4[elastic four-row]white*4[elastic four-row]apricot color*4[elastic four row]skin*2+black*2[elastic four row]skin*2+[regular four row]black*2[elastic four row]black*2+[regular four row]black* 2[elastic four rows] skin*2+[regular four rows] skin*2[elastic four rows] black*2+[regular four rows] skin*2[elastic two rows] black*4 pieces [elastic two rows] skin *4pcs[elastic two row]black*2pcs+skin*2pcs[regular two rows]black*4pcs[regular two rows]skin*4pcs[regular two rows]black*2pcs+skin*2pcs[ big two rows] black*4 pieces [big two rows] skin*4 pieces [big two rows] black*2 pieces + skin*2 pieces [regular three rows] gold skin*4 pieces [regular three rows] silver gray*4 pieces [regular three rows] watermelon red * 4 pieces [regular three rows] purple * 4 pieces [regular three rows] fish water blue * 4 pieces [regular three rows] black * 4 pieces [regular three rows] skin * 4 pieces [regular three row] white*4pcs[regular three-row]red*4pcs[regular three-row]skin*2pcs+black*2pcs[regular three-row]black*2+[regular four-row]black*2[regular three-row ]black*2+[regular four-row]skin*2[regular three-row]skin*2+[regular four-row]skin*2[regular three-row]skin*2+[regular four-row]black*2[small three-row ]black*4pcs[small three rows]skin*4pcs[small three rows]black*2pcs+skin*2pcs[regular four rows]black*4pcs[regular four rows]skin*4pcs[regular four rows]gold skin * 4 pieces [regular four rows] silver gray * 4 pieces [regular four rows] watermelon red * 4 pieces [regular four rows] fish blue * 4 pieces [regular four rows] purple * 4 pieces [regular four rows] white * 4 pieces [regular four rows] red * 4 pieces [regular four rows] skin * 2 pieces + black * 2 pieces [small four rows] black * 4 pieces [small four rows] skin color * 4 pieces [small four rows] white * 4 pieces [small four rows] apricot *4 pieces [upgrade the fourth gear and four rows] dark skin *4 [upgrade the fourth gear and four rows] light skin *4 [upgrade the fourth gear and four rows] black *4 [upgrade the fourth gear and four rows] powder*4[regular two rows]skin*6pcs[regular two rows]black*6pcs[big two rows]skin*6pcs[big two rows]black*6pcs[regular three rows]skin*6pcs[regular three rows] black*6 pieces [regular three rows] skin color*3 pieces + black*3 pieces [small three rows] skin*6 pieces [small three rows] black*6 pieces [regular four rows] skin*6 pieces [regular four rows ]black*6pcs[regular four-row]gold skin*6pcs[regular four-row]skin*3pcs+black*3pcs[small four-row] skin color *6 pieces [small four rows] black * 6 pieces [small four rows] apricot color * 6 pieces [regular five rows] black * 6 pieces [regular five rows] skin color * 6 pieces [regular three rows] black 1 piece not included storage box [more specifications] 5-18 buckle please contact customer service
  • Nylon
  • Fall 2019
  • Long buckle
  • Three gears three rows
  • Extend the buckle
  • Pure e-commerce (only online sales)