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  • 7x10 hand-painted christmas four-picture machine-sealed 100pcs 5.5x8.5 beautiful star-shaped snowflake machine-sealed bags (2 patterns) 7x10 is getting richer pepsi cute machine-sealed bags (2 patterns) 7x10cm light luxury flashing golden english machine-sealed bags 100 all-in-one transparent machine-sealed bags 5.5x8.5 fun emoji machine-sealed bags (4 emoticons) 4.5x7.5 dog emoji machine-sealed 100 (6 emoticons) 4.5x7.5 cute cow blessing emoji machine-sealed 100 5.5x8.5 niu niu dashun machine-sealed 100 pcs (2 patterns) 7x10 rich, rich, four-group text machine-sealed 100 5.5x8.5cm minimalist golden window opener machine-sealed bags [eating dessert hand-painted illustration] machine-sealed bags 100 (including 4 patterns) 5.5x8.5cm festive snowflake english machine-sealed bag 4.5x7.5 transparent hand-painted expression [machine-sealed] bag (8 expressions) 5.5x5.5 transparent hand-painted expression [自封] bag (8 expressions) 7x7 emoji ziplock bag (8 emojis),100 small pink gold cherry blossom machine sealed bag medium pink cat machine sealed bag (4 patterns) medium girl heart unicorn machine sealed bag 7x7 hand-painted enjoy ziplock bag (2 patterns) small smile english machine sealed bag ( 4 kinds of text) box-phnom penh transparent handbag 5pcs 7x7 green leaf handmade ziplock bag (2 patterns) small earthy love phone sealed bag small hand-painted gift machine sealed bag (4 patterns) small sweetdessert machine sealed 7*10 gradient color heart-shaped machine-sealed bag (aluminum film) snowflake crisp text packaging bag small medium golden element transparent machine-sealed 100 small golden element transparent machine-sealed bag (4 patterns) medium snowflake transparent machine-sealed bag small snowflake transparent machine sealing bag medium snowflake transparent self-adhesive bag original simple cow striped nougat text machine sealing
  • Snow pastry machine sealing bag
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