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  • Chemical fiber
  • Polyester
  • Chinese style
  • 1 meter wide 10 meters long,1.2 meters wide 10 meters long,1.5 meters wide 10 meters long,2 meters wide 10 meters long,1 meter wide 20 meters long,1.2 meters wide 20 meters long,1.5 meters wide 20 meters long,2 meters wide 20 meters long,1 meter wide 50 meters long,1.2 meters wide 50 meters long,1.5 meters wide 50 meters long,2 meters wide 50 meters long,1 meter wide 100 meters long,1.2 meters wide and 100 meters long,1.5 meters wide and 100 meters long,2 meters wide and 100 meters long
  • Other / other
  • White simple thin section (about 1 mm),Pink is simple and thin (about 1 mm),Baochi simple and thin section (about 1 mm),Green is simple and thin (about 1 mm),Purple simple thin section (about 1 mm),Gray simple thin section (about 1 mm),White wear-resistant (hard dance),Pink wear (hard dance),Purple wear (hard dance),Gray wear (hard dance),Green wear (hard dance),Baolai resistance (hard dance)
  • Non-textile
  • Finished carpet (yuan / piece)

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