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  • 1 story
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Seasoning
  • Proverb
  • Public
  • 16cm width * 40cm long 16cm width * 50cm long 16cm width * 60cm long 16cm width * 70cm long [with pole model] 16cm wide * 80cm long [with pole] 16cm wide * 90cm long [with pole] 16cm width * 100cm long [with pole] 16cm wide * 40cm long + tool frame quick tube 16cm wide * 50cm long + tool holder 16cm wide * 60cm long + tool holder 16cm width * 70cm long [with rod] + tool holder 16cm width * 80cm long [with pole model] + tool holder 16cm wide * 90cm long [with pole model] + tool holder quick tube 16cm wide * 100cm long [with pole] + tool holder 16cm width * 50cm long [with pole] 16cm wide * 60cm long [with pole] 16cm wide * 30cm long 16cm wide * 70cm long 16cm wide * 80cm long 16cm width * 90cm long 16cm width * 100cm long 16cm width * 30cm long [with pole] 16cm width * 40cm long [with pole]
  • Nova ya
  • Sny-bgj304

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