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  • Royal palace
  • Green small daisy (款) sales hot - spot quick hair new cactus (color model) summer new year-spot speed summer day avocado (color model) summer new - spot speed summer day starry sky (imposition) leaf beef fruit (today's special offer) round green daisy (classic model) sales hot - spot speed round cactus (classic model) sales hot - spot speed circular avocado (classic paragraph) summer new - spot quick round star metric (classic water purchase hot - spot speed blue small daisy (classic model) sales hot - spot speed
  • Hmlx
  • Universal
  • S-small (10 pounds, long-wide: 40 * 30cm) fabric upgrade resistance to bite m-medium (20 pounds, long and wide: 50 * 40cm) cycle use lasting cooling l-large (35 pounds) 丨 long width: 60 * 45cm) environmental protection fabric safety harmless xl- to increase the number (70 pounds, long width: 90 * 60cm) waterproof and antifouling (pre-sale for five days)

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