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  • Mori space
  • China mainland
  • Guangdong province
  • Guangzhou city
  • Turtle leaf (120cm),Leather turtle back leaf (150cm),Tiger pilan (90cm),Bamboo sunflower (145cm),Qin yerong (62cm),Qin yerong(155),Turtle back single pole (75cm),Turtle leaf (175cm),Storage basket stitching white trumpet 20,Storage basket stitching white large 28,Qin yerong gourd leaves (175cm),Primary color storage basket small 20,Primary color storage basket large 28,Turtle leaf (90cm),Traveler banana (120cm),Traveler banana (150cm),Aloe medium (47cm),Aloe vera large (55cm),Reed type a (145cm) cement basin sold separately,Reed type b (145cm) cement basin needs to be purchased separately,Reed c (135c cement basin needs to be purchased separately,Turtle leaf (68cm) cement basin is sold separately,Square cement basin 33*33,Round cement basin 33*33
  • Turtle traveler banana