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  • Blue ocean plastics
  • 0.6x0.3m thickened (green clinker),0.6x0.35mm thick (green clinker),0.9x0.3m thickened (green clinker),1.0x0.6m round hole thickening (environmental clinker),1.0x0.6m thickened (environmental clinker),1.0x0.6m super thick (environmental friendly clinker),1.0x0.6m round hole heightening and super thick (environmental friendly clinker),1.0x0.8m thickened (environmental clinker),1.0x0.8m super thick (environmental friendly clinker),0.6x0.3m thickened super value version (clinker),0.3x0.3m thickened (green clinker),0.4x0.4m thickened (green clinker),0.5x0.5m thickened (green clinker),0.6x0.3m new thickened clinker,1.0x0.5m new thickener (environmental friendly clinker),1.0x0.8m round hole thickening (environmental clinker),1.0x0.8m round hole heightening and thickening (clinker),0.6x0.4m round hole thickening (environmental clinker),1.0x0.5m round hole thickening (environmental clinker),1.0x0.7m round hole thickening (environmental clinker),0.4x0.4m backing plate blue,0.5 x 0.5 m backing plate,0.6x0.6m backing plate blue,0.6x0.4m backing plate blue
  • Pet pad
  • Dog
  • L-large

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