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  • Lightweight
  • 18-24 years old
  • Cotton
  • Xssmlxl
  • Plant flower
  • Commuter
  • Korean version
  • Round neck
  • Printing
  • Pearl white - single dandelion - black alphabet purple - single dandelion - black letter champagne - single dandelion - black letter - single dandelion - black cranberry - single dandelion - black letter dandelion - black letters dark gray - single dandelion - black letters - white mother - white mother smoke purple - single dandelion - white champagne champagne - single dandelion - white character orange - single dandelion - white letter peacock blue - single dandelion - white alpage deep gray - single dandelion - white crystal pearl white-w single letter purple - w single leta championship - w single letter black - w single letter orange - w monofacar blue - w single letter deep gray-w single letter pearl white - three trees leaf smoke purple - three leaves champagne - three leaves water green - three leaves black - three leaves orange - three leaves peacock blue - three tree leaves dark gray - three leaves pearl white - wednesday red letter smoke purple - wednesday red letter champagne powder - wednesday red letter black - wednesday red letter orange-wednesday red letter peacock blue - wednesday red letters 1 dark gray - wednesday red letter pearl white - small - rose woman smoke purple - small - rose woman champagne - small - rose woman black - small - rose woman tangerine - small - rose woman peacock blue - small - rose woman deep gray - small - rose woman pearl white -meow letter smoke purple - meow letter champagne - meow alphabet green - meow letter black - meow letter tarium red -meow letter peacock blue -meow letter dark gray - meow letter pearl white - white letter butterfly purple - white letter butterfly water - white letter butterfly champagne powder - white letter butterfly black - white letter butterfly orange - white letter butterfly peacock blue - white letter butterfly dark gray - white letter butterfly pearl white - net egg smoke purple - paste version of the champagne powder - net black - net water green - net orange red - net peacock blue - net deep gray - net pearl white -117-grass body black love smoke purple -117-grass body black love champagne powder - 117-grass body black love heart green -117-grass body black love black -117-grass body black love heart orange-117-grass body black love peacock blue -117-grass body black love deep gray-117-grass body black love pearl white-121-powder rose white letter smoke purple-121-powder rose white letter champagne color-121-powder rose white letter water green-121-powder rose white letter black-121-powder rose white letter orange-121-powder rose white letter peacock blue- 121-powder rose white letter deep gray-121-powder rose white letter pearl white -020-fa black alphabet smoke purple -020-fa black alphabet champagne-020-fa black bottom white letter water green-020- fa black alphabet black-020-fa black alphabet orange -020-fa black white letter peacock blue -020-fa black alphabet deep gray-020-fa black bottom white letter pearl white-168-coffee beh oblique english smoke purple -168-coffee beh oblique english champagne-168- coffee beh oblique english water green-168-coffee beh oblique english black-168-coffee beh oblique english tangerine -168-coffee beeh oblique english peacock blue -168-coffee beh oblique english dark gray -168-coffee beh oblique english pearl white-229-oh,Yes - black letter smoke purple -229-oh,Yes - black alphabet champagne-229-oh,Yes - black alphabet green-229-oh,Yes - black letter black-229-oh,Yes - black crystal orange-229-oh,Yes - black letter peacock blue-229-oh,Yes - black letters dark gray -229-oh,Yes - black letter pearl white-377 - colorful weaving blue english smoke purple - 377 - colorful weaving band blue english champagne color - 377 - colorful weaving band blue english water green - 377 - colorful weaving blue english black-377 - color zone blue english orange -377- colorful zone blue english peacock blue-377-colored zone blue english dark gray-377-colored zone blue english
  • Conventional
  • A172081
  • 86% (including) -95% (including)
  • Youth
  • 2021 summer
  • Short sleeve
  • Long-term
  • Loose
  • Purity e-commerce (only online)
  • Cotton 95% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%

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