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  • Lining/li ning
  • Rubber
  • Li ning genuine product * collection plus purchase priority delivery * free shipping insurance (no. 5/7) blue new high-elastic cba basketball 615/617-1 (send accessories) (5/7) blue high-elastic cba basketball 605/607 -4 (send accessories) (5/7) black high-elastic cba basketball 605/607-2 (send accessories) (5/7) brown high-elastic cba basketball 605/607-1 (send accessories) (5/7 no.) green new high-elastic cba basketball 615/617-2 (send accessories) (5/7) rose red new high-elastic cba basketball 615/617-3 (send accessories) (5/7) black color new high-elastic cba basketball 615/617-5 (send accessories) (5/7) gray new high-elastic cba basketball 615/617-4 (send accessories) (5/7) gray high-elastic rainbow basketball 655/657-4 (send accessories) (no. 3/5/7) colorful high-bounce rainbow basketball 655/657-1 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) colorful high-bounce rainbow basketball 655/657-g2 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) colorful high-bounce rainbow basketball lbqk657-g3 (send accessories) (5/7) colorful high-bounce rainbow basketball lbqk657-g1 (send accessories) (5/7) green high-bounce sun basketball 695/697-4 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) gray high-bounce sun basketball 695/697-g2 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) pink high-bounce sun basketball 695/697-5 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) yellow and blue high bounce sun basketball 695/697-2 (send accessories) (5/7) red and blue high-bounce sun basketball 695/697-3 (send accessories) (3/5/7) colorful high-bounce volcano basketball 685/687-2 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) colorful high-bounce volcano basketball 685/687-3 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) colorful high-bounce volcano basketball 685/687-4 (send accessories) (no. 5/7) colorful high-elastic volcano basketball 685/687-g1 (send accessories) (5/7) brown high-elastic classic basketball 381/271-1 (send accessories)
  • No. 5 basketball (for youth) no. 7 basketball (standard ball) no. 3 basketball (for children's games)
  • Fall 2019
  • Lbqk271-1
  • Indoor and outdoor general basketball
  • Yes
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