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  • Mosaic of flowers
  • Straight cut -1
  • Grass
  • European style
  • Other
  • 30×30
  • Interior wall
  • White,Black,Light grey,Red,Milky,Pink,Watermelon red,Light green,Royal blue,Sky blue,Orange,Yellow,Orange,Lemon yellow,Grey,Peacock blue,Brown,Light blue,Lake blue,Gold,Dark grey,Brown,Silver,Fluorescent yellow,Creamy-white,Rose red,Khaki,Turmeric,Bright yellow,Apricot,Light yellow,Champagne,Armygreen,Green,Emerald,Fluorescent green,Blue,Navy blue,Blue,Light purple,Dark purple,Violets,Maroon,Light brown,Dark khaki,Dark brown,Color,Transparent,Chocolate color,Purple,Fuchsia,Navy blue,Dark green,Claret,Camel,Pale pinkish gray,Silver mirror silver diamond,Gold mirror gold diamond,Lake water color [crystal model],Lantian jade [crystal],Gentle rain [crystal model],Gold diamond gold pattern,1548 tea mirror pink diamond,1548 silver mirror + silver diamond,1548 gold mirror + gold diamond,Tea mirror silver diamond,Gold mirror gold stone pattern,1548 tea mirror + tea drill,Black mirror silver stone pattern,Pink mirror pink diamond,1.5 cm silver mirror silver diamond,Black mirror silver diamond,Tea mirror pink diamond,Gold mirror silver diamond,Tea mirror tea drill,National color tianxiang [crystal],As blue as water [crystal],Icing on the cake [crystal model],Handling goods - random color,1.5 cm gold mirror gold diamond
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  • 300
  • 300
  • 0.09㎡
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