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  • Glory
  • Zn
  • Pvc
  • Flaky
  • China mainland
  • Guangdong province
  • Guangzhou city
  • [foot thickness 2.0 special price] rc8390 [foot thickness 2.0 special price] m2-557 [special price 1.8mm] rc1003/1 square meter [foot thickness 2.0 special price] rc802 [special price 1.8mm] rc1139 [foot thickness 2.0 special price] 277737 black stone pattern [foot thick 2.0 special price] 270011 yahuang teak - gradient color [foot thickness 2.0 special price] 277744 black oak [special price 1.8mm] 704/1 square meter [special price 1.8mm] 709/1 square meter 702/1.8mm/1 square meter 703/1.8mm/ 1 square meter 705/1.8mm/1 square meter 707/1.8mm/1 square meter 601 ancient boat wood/2.0mm-gradient color 602 huanghuali/2.0mm603 snow boat wood/2.0mm-gradient color 607 yellow oak/2.0mm803 elegant oak/2.0mm805 impression oak/2.0mm807 classic mahogany/2.0mm094-2/super thick 3.2mmrc7156/super thick 3.2mm sample collection/special shooting contact customer service
  • Multi-layer composite
  • 152mm
  • 914mm
  • 1㎡
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