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  • Nunchaku
  • First batch
  • Light purple,Blue,Nunchaku upgrade 65mm (10 price),5-piece set of nunchaku bits (5 pieces),6-piece set of nunchaku bits (6 pieces),Nunchaku 65mm magnetic coil double head (10 price),Nunchaku small head 65mm (10 price),Nunchaku lengthened 110mm (10 price),Nunchaku 65mm magnetic coil single head (10 price),Nunchaku 110mm lengthened magnetic ring (10 price),Activity type 65mm small head (10 price),Industrial grade 50mm (10 price),Industrial grade 65mm (10 price),Industrial grade 65mm small head (10 price),Industrial grade 65mm (10 price) ph3,65mm word cross anti-rust model (10 price),Mirror anti-rust 110mm (10 price),Mirror rust-proof 150mm large head (10 price),A box of 10 (dain frosted 200mm),Industrial grade 300mm (10 pieces),Yue wujian black magnetic ring 65mm (10 pieces),Yue wujian black standard 65mm (10 price),Yue wujian black small head 65mm (10 pieces),Yue wujian black lengthened 110mm (pack of 5),Nunchaku upgraded 65mm single trial,Small yellow magnetizer + 10 grid storage box