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  • Letao olympic
  • Q-3
  • Wood-based panel
  • Mdf/fibreboard
  • Other/other
  • Simple and modern
  • Q-3 standard warm white (hemp noodles) without strips,Q-3 standard old oak (pocket surface),Q-3 standard black flower on white background (pocket surface),W-2 upgrade pure black (pocket),W-2 upgrade pink (pocket),W-2 upgrade black flower on white background (pocket surface),W-2 upgrade white maple color (hemp surface),W-2 upgraded ancient oak (hemp noodles) without barrier,W-2 upgraded warm white (ma noodle) without barrier,W-2 upgrade pure black (pocket surface) without strips,W-5 luxury ancient oak (hemp surface),W-5 luxury white background black flowers (hemp surface),W-5 luxury pink (hemp surface),W-5 luxury pure black (hemp surface),W-5 luxury black background white flowers (hemp surface),W-5 luxury warm white (hemp surface) no gear,W-5 luxury pure black (pocket surface) without strips,W-5 luxury white maple wood (hemp surface) without gear,W-6 white maple color extension (painted single side rail,W-6 warm white (hemp noodles) lengthened without file,W-6 pure black lengthened (painted surface) without strips,W-6 ancient oak lengthened (painted surface) without rails,W-7 ancient oak lengthened double column (painted surface),W-7 pure black lengthened double column (painted surface)
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Laptop desk
  • Beijing,Chongqing,Shanghai,Tianjin,Shenzhen,Chengdu,Shenyang city,Dalian,Harbin city,Nanjing,Wuxi,Changzhou city,Suzhou city,Hangzhou city,Ningbo city,Wenzhou city,Jinhua city,Taizhou,Fuzhou,Xiamen city,Nanchang,Qingdao,Zhengzhou city,Wuhan,Changsha city,Guangzhou city,Foshan city,Dongguan city,Nanning city,Guiyang city,Xi'an
  • Jiangsu province
  • Changzhou city
  • Wujin district
  • Yes
  • Other,Bookshelf,Computer desk,Assemble the fence
  • Yes
  • Economical
  • Installation instruction video provided,Provide installation instructions,Provides simple installation tools