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Prohibited Items

There are restrictions to what items you are able to bring into Brunei, Here are just some of the things that are listed in the website but we could not bring to Brunei
-Toy Water Guns
-Any Drug related items (medicine, etc)
-Liquid items
-Sexual Items
-Living animals/plants/seeds
-Weapons (Swords, batons, etc)
-Gambling items
-Drones with Camera 
-ATV, or any on road vehicles
-Books/news/media related items
-Religious items
-Lipsticks, facial creams, toners
-All edible foods
-Mobile phone/Tablets/Walkie talkies
-Any sort of Tyres
-Any sort of Bluetooth items
-Any sort of powders
-Face Masks

if you have a question on whether your item can enter Brunei, Please ask us whatsapp 8639746, we can help you anytime

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