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  • Ka Zhina
  • Sponge
  • Polyester
  • China Mainland
  • Jiangsu Province
  • Nantong City
  • Blue Ocean _6.5 Cm Thick,Blue Ocean _10 Cm Thick,Gray Feather _6.5 Cm Thick,Gray Feather _10 Cm Thickening,Starry Gray _6.5 Cm Thick,Starry Gray _10 Cm Thickening,Green Leaves _6.5 Cm Thick,Green Leaves _10 Cm Thick,Moonlight White _6.5 Cm Thick,Moonlight White _10 Cm Thickening,Golden Camel _6.5 Cm Thick,Golden Pattern Camel _10 Cm Thick,Ice Silk Bear _6.5 Cm Thick,Ice Silk Bear _10 Cm Thickening,Ice Silk Leaves _6.5 Cm Thick,Ice Silk Leaves _10 Cm Thick,Latex Type - White 7 Cm Thick,Latex Type - White 10 Cm Thick,Latex Type - Gray 7 Cm Thick,Latex Type - Gray 10 Cm Thick
  • Mattress
  • 0.9x1.9m Dormitory Bed To Send Memory Pillow,0.9x2.0m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,1.0x2.0m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,1.2x1.9m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,1.2x2.0m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,1.5x1.9m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,1.5x2.0m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,1.8x2.0m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,2.0x2.2m Bed To Send Memory Pillow,Other Custom Size Contact Customer Service
  • Qualified Product

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