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  • Other/other
  • Szdz
  • Wood-based Panel
  • Particleboard / Melamine Board
  • Simple And Modern
  • Black,1.2 Meters Deep Wood Grain,1.4 Meters Deep Wood Grain,1.6 M Deep Wood Grain,1.2 M Black Walnut,1.4 M Black Walnut,1.6 M Black Walnut,1.2 Meters Deep Wood Grain + 0.8 Meter Turntable,1.4 M Deep Wood Grain + 0.9 M Turntable,1.6 M Deep Wood Grain + 1.1 M Turntable,1.2 M Black Walnut + 0.8 M Turntable,1.4 M Black Walnut + 0.9 M Turntable,1.6 M Black Walnut + 1.1 M Turntable,1 Meter Black Walnut,1.1 M Black Walnut,1.3 M Black Walnut,1.5 M Black Walnut,1 Meter Deep Wood Grain,1.1 Meters Deep Wood Grain,1.3 Meters Deep Wood Grain,1.5 Meters Deep Wood Grain,1.3 M Black Walnut + 0.9 M Turntable,1.5 M Black Walnut +1 M Turntable,1.3 M Deep Wood Grain + 0.9 M Turntable,1.5 M Deep Wood Grain +1 M Turntable
  • Yes
  • Fold
  • Economic Type

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