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  • Shumijia
  • SMJ-0212
  • Japanese-style
  • 0.6*2.1 Meters Single Trumpet Color Random,0.9*2.1 Meters Single Large Color Limit Promotion,1.2*2.1 Meter Double Small Color Limit Promotion,1.5*2.1 Meters Double Large Color Limit Promotion,1.8*2.1 M Three-person Limited Color Promotion,0.6*2.1 Meter Single Small Color Note,0.9*2.1 Meters Single Large Color Note,1.2*2.1 Meters Double Small Color Note,1.5*2.1 Meters Double Large Color Note,1.8*2.1 M Three-person Color Note,0.6*2.1 Meters Single Trumpet [latex],0.9*2.1 Meters Single Large [latex],1.2*2.1 Meters Double Trumpet [latex],1.5*2.1 Meters Double Large [latex],1.8*2.1 M Three Person [latex]
  • Have A Liner
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  • Yes
  • Adult
  • Other /other
  • Assembly
  • Provide Installation Instructions,Provide Installation Instructions Video

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