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  • Mesdi
  • 1225
  • 4 Years,5 Years Old,6 Years Old,7-year Old,8 Year-old,9 Years Old,10 Years Old,11 Years Old,12 Years Old,13 Years Old
  • Neutral
  • 1225 Small Blue Black,1225 Small Rose Red,1225 Small Black Blue,1225 Small Sky Blue,1225 Small Blue,1225 Large Blue Black,1225 Large Rose Red,1225 Large Black Blue,1225 Large Sky Blue,1225 Large Royal Blue,1225 Small Pink,1225 Large Pink,9019 Small Sapphire Blue,9019 Small Rose,9019 Small Sky Blue,9019 Large Sapphire Blue,9019 Large Rose Red,9019 Large Sky Blue
  • 1225

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