There are a few ways, you can either pick and choose items from the buycour website , add to cart, check shipping cost, and confirm, once confirm, you will receive an email and need to bank in the amount to our account for us to finalize the order.
You can go to taobao.com, find the items you want, copy the link of the item and paste it to buycour search bar , it will automatically calculate and translate the item.
you can just send us a text through whatsapp 8639746, for any questions

2) shipping cost?
Shipping cost is NOT per item, its going to be total items your adding to the shopping cart, for some items require get quote for shipping, so just select get quote and place order, we will get back to you via email or whatsapp and we can finalize the order from there

3)Terms of payment
To order we need full payment of the total items price as first payment, 
Once goods have arrived you can either pick up from us, or we deliver to you and get the remaining payment (shipping, duties, and service charge) duty charges may be billed depending on the items. 

4)Delivery duration
By air 2 weeks, By sea 3-4 weeks. Note that ocassionally there may be delays, we try our best to handle everything asap, however there are times where we could not meet our deadline on time, many factors that cause delays are , if the seller is slow to ship out item, or custom processing is very slow, during holiday times, weather conditions, etc. 

We do Refunds for items that is out of stock, or did not arrive. for damaged items we will access the situation, kindly contact us for more info. 

6) What can i buy?
Anything in taobao can be bought, except for items that are illegal and banned to enter brunei. Electronics may be charged a duty fee by the customs and will be billed to the buyer.

7) Can i ship different items from different sellers one time instead of shipping it seperately?
YES, once you order you can keep the items in our warehouse for up to 2 months, so when your ready to deliver to brunei, you can save on the shipping cost! 

8)What is BuyCour service?
Want to buy items that is cheap and competitive for your personal or business use? but cant read chinese letters or need help with logistics? We are here to solve those language barriers. 
We shop on your behalf, simply means get someone to help purchase the items for you. We act as your purchasing agent to help you buy the goods from overseas through modern information platform and our perfect logistics system in order to eliminate your oversea shopping troubles in transport and Customs. Tracking system where you can track the progress of your delivery. And we are experienced with buying internationally so we can recommend the best quality product for you.

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